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Welcome to A Soldiers Journey

I’m former Sergeant Rick Clement of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment and in May 2010 I was severely injured in Afghanistan.

I lost both my legs and almost my right arm as well as suffering massive internal injuries that left me unable to have children after stepping on an I.E.D. For the full story please read the about me page.


Please View this Promotional video (Click here) to learn more about us.


I decided to start this charity in order to make sure the support I and my family received is there for everyone. They have helped in so many ways such as equipment needed and housing my family during months of Hospital treatment in Birmingham. I felt that I had to give something back. I’ve made it mine and everyone who is involved with A Soldiers Journey’s mission to support ANY SERVING OR EX-SERVING ARMED FORCES PERSONEL. We will help people suffering from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (THE INVISIBLE WOUND), people who have lost loved ones through the Armed Forces, people who are struggling to adapt to civilian life and many, many more.

We recently reached our initial goal of £100,000 (click here for article)and plan to continue raising much, much more with your help.

I intend to do various things to help raise money, these will all be advertised on this site and will vary from Raffles, Dinner nights, parachute jumps and I even got in a cage in the ocean surrounded by Jaws himself the Great White Shark.

Now the bit where you come in is spreading the word and making donations via this site.  Alternatively you can volunteer to do a task or help organise an event towards our total. All help is welcome and its certainly for a good cause.

In the future I hope to raise £250,000 and with your help this is entirely possible. This money will help provide things such as transport and facilities for the newly disabled soldiers and their families to use as well as help buy essentials things such as wheelchairs.

Thank you for reading this, please keep coming back to the site for updates on what I’m doing and how much we have currently raised. Your support is appreciated and needed so spread the word is a must see website.


I have recently taken up the role of an ambassador for the LCCC Foundation. Please checkout their website. Its another fantastic cause bringing people together through sport. Im honoured to be involved.



My inspiration

Above are 4 true heroes who gave their lives for our country. Proud soldiers and personal friends of mine from the Duke of Lancaster Regiment. In order left to right Sgt Nigel Coupe, Cpl T Rogoiruwai (Rocco), Kgn P Tagitaginimoce (Tag) and Lcpl Jordan Bancroft. TRUE HEROES!



Do you want to organise an event and donate the money to our cause?

Please fill in the contact us form because every idea is welcome.


  1. We are now over 1000 viewers on the sight. Fantastic in just over a week. Keep supporting us people. Much obliged. Hoping to have a few confirmed dates on the calendar over the next couple of weeks. Please leave any comments here or contact me. I WILL reply to everyone.

  2. Big thank you to Burnley FC who have sent a signed shirt and Ricky Hatton who sent signed posters. Thanks so much guys.

  3. A Big thank you to everyone at the Royal Oak Pub in Clitheroe. A collection was handed in as a donation to the site. I can only thank you for your support.

  4. Hi Everyone, just letting you know i’m recovering well. Dates are staring to come in for events and we now have stickers and wrist bands for sale. We will also soon be selling tickets for the dinner night which will be held at Blackpool FC Stadium. Dates TBC due to fixtures but we are looking at late October or Early November. I’m now on the hunt for entertainment so if you know any please contact me. Cheers

  5. Just to say Im deeply moved and inspired by the courage and motivation that both you and your wife have shown under such a tragic situation! you are both truly inspirational people! wishing you all the best with the amazing work you are doing!

  6. stevepurk says:

    Hi mate met you last night in blackpool on a night out, the Royal Engineer haha, You are a credit to your country mate and it was a pleasure to meet you, keep your chin up mate all the best Steve. Osnabruck warriors haha! PS if you need any help fund raising I’am available anytime.

  7. knighty5702 says:

    Well did spartan for rick carn’t wait to do the next event for this fine charity

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